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Avoid Cookie Cutter Approach to Investment

Have you ever heard either of the following? Typically, if you withdraw no more than 4% annually from your portfolio, you will never run out of money; Typically, 100 minus your age is the percentage you want to have in stocks, with the balance in bonds and cash. Rules of thumb and general categorizations are easy to make regarding your investments, but your actual portfolio could easily be a far cry from a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to investment advice.

There is a myriad of investment options, many of which may not be suitable for you; you may be strictly a GIC investor, but you deserve calls on your maturities, be offered best rates, follow a strategy regarding future interest rates, expenses and your cash flow. You may be strictly a hands off investor and leave the decision making until the last minute or to someone else. You may choose not to follow your investments closely because you have other priorities, such as family, sports, hobbies or work.

Are you aware of the impact of interest to your tax bill, compared to dividends or capital gains? Choosing investments that complement your income situation; by avoiding government claw backs, offsetting capital losses from previous years or allowing you to keep more of your income in your pocket instead of Revenue Canada makes sense.

Whether you are a novice investor, or have extensive investment experience, I plan to give you a few things to think about in the coming months. I will talk about different types of investments, management styles, risk levels and other aspects of financial planning. I have been in the financial services industry for 25 years and hold my CFP (Certified Financial Planner), FMA (Financial Management Advisor) and AMP (Accredited Mortgage Professional) designations.

Together, we will tackle questions, issues and solutions that affect our lifestyles, day to day living, current or future retirement. Financial planning is not selling products; it is looking after you. Everyone has different goals, different resources from which to draw upon, and their own idea of a comfortable lifestyle. We will answer the question - How financially fit are you?

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