Life Insurance

Women who don’t work outside the home do not need life insurance. Women should let men decide if and how much life insurance they need for themselves. Women should let their significant other handle all of the finances.

Okay, I am certain some of you immediately realized I am saying the opposite of what is true, but, unfortunately the mindset that ‘women don’t need to worry their pretty little heads about that’ is still around, although not as prevalent as years ago.

Too many families rely mainly on the male’s life insurance policy; this does not factor a woman’s contribution to the family’s finances and could be shattering with a sudden death.

Women who work outside the home may be the primary wage earner or the higher wage earner in a family; their financial contribution has to be protected to ensure the financial health of the family. In addition to life insurance, disability insurance to protect one’s income in the event of an accident should also be considered.

Single as well as married parents need to ensure they have enough life insurance coverage to provide enough present and future care and education for children.

Women as well as men need to review their insurance needs and then implement immediately. 

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