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Carol Plaisier

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Carol Plaisier - Financial and Mortgage Expert

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HollisWealth is fully committed to providing you with both the products & services and the personalized advice you need to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.

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Mortgage Services

HollisWealth is fully committed to providing you with both the products & services and the personalized advice you need to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.

Our Services Include

Latest Articles

  • What Keeps You Up at Night?

    What Keeps You Up at Night?

    What keeps you up at night? Many feel anxious about their finances due to unexpected expenses, health care costs and credit card debt. If you are one of those people, there are a number of steps you can take to help to dispel some of those fears.
  • Individual & Company Insurance

    Individual & Company Insurance

    Many small business owners have a strong team of employees that helped their business to succeed. There are a number of ways to reward loyal behavior, but one of the greatly appreciated ways is to offer a group benefits plan. Typically, these include a medical and dental package, with coverage for employees and their spouse and dependents. A healthy workplace with healthy employees provides a positive impact on business operations and customer perception. Group plans can be simple for a new small business, or more complex with more features as business grows. Offering a group plan can also attract future employees to your business, or help you to retain good employees. Employers can choose how much they wish to contribute to the health plan and how much the employee will pay. Sometimes the employees are given a set amount they can spend before they have to pay the full cost of treatment. Group plans are becoming more flexible, so an employer can have it customized to suit their needs and their employee’s needs. Instead of group plans, some employers choose to offer Health Spending Accounts. These plans can offer employees health benefits up to a certain dollar amount annually, and the employers are able to save tax dollars by having the medical expenses 100% tax deductible to the corporation. Health Spending Accounts are often less expensive and more flexible than traditional monthly premium plans – A few challenges with traditional plans include: premiums are paid whether or not you access the service, there may be restrictions to annual amounts that will be covered under the plan and there may be a limit for how many times you can access a service annually. Health & dental plans can be expensive, ensure you know all of your options – whether you have employees, or run a small one or two owner business.
    Take charge of your financial future in 2017, call an advisor today!
  • Tax Tips

    Tax Tips

    If you are filing a personal tax return for 2016, you should know by now, or shortly, if you owe Canada Revenue Agency money or if they will be sending you a cheque.
  • BC Home Ownership Loan

    BC Home Ownership Loan

    Have you heard that BC is offering interest-free loans up to $37,500 to 1st-time homebuyers?

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